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{ It’s coming to that time of year again where it’s only 6 weeks until my exams. And although I’m not typically one to revise, I’ve decided to put in my all in this time to get the best grades I can. I didn’t do as well as I thought I would last year due to some personal problems, so I have a lot of work to catch up on if I want to get into the university of my choice. Now, I won’t be offline completely. I’ll still check during the week for messages+saving drafts. But I will only be active as in replying+reblogging+answering drafts on the weekend. I hope you all understand, it’s just that if I don’t try now, I’ll probably regret it for the rest of my life.


-Lauren }


I just wish someone would notice;  

                                           I am falling apart,

                        from the inside out.

                                                             I am not perfect,

       I am shattered,



Once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back.
Sharon Olds, Satan Says (via theyearofbecoming)

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I believe in the lust of the flesh and the souls incurable loneliness.
Hjalmar Söderberg, Gertrud (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)
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dark starter sentences

  • some yandere, some angst, some rivalry, but no happy stuff on this list
  • ------------
  • "You actually thought i cared about you?"
  • "I wonder how loudly i can make you scream in agony?"
  • "You're a monster!"
  • "It would be a shame if i had to damage that pretty face of yours."
  • "You're all mine now."
  • "How could you do this to me!?"
  • "I trusted you!"
  • "Is that supposed to scare me?"
  • "Put the knife down."
  • "You're scaring me..."
  • "You look so sexy when you're all bloodied and bruised like that~"
  • "I wonder how many volts it would take to kill you?"
  • "Why are you pointing that gun at me?"
  • "Let me go!"
  • "You're so cute when you struggle like that~"
  • "Your blood smells wonderful."
  • "Who did this to you?"
  • "You're in my way."
  • "I thought you were dead!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Long live the king."
  • "What did they do to you?"
  • "What have you done?"
  • "Maybe i should carve a pretty picture in your flesh?"
  • "Don't worry, I won't do anything fatal, I just need some information."
  • "I don't care what you do to me, I'll never tell you!"
  • "Stop it, your hurting me!"
  • "They'll kill you!"
  • "I hate you."
  • "The only reason I chained you up is to show you how much I love you!"
  • "If you keep struggling like that I'll have to punish you~"
Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle not your lifestyle around your career.
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kinda-uncanny asked:
"I'm not who you think I am." {/slowly approaches askbox, drops this in and flees}

It was safe to say that the homunculus was very disbelieving of the other. But no matter, she decided to listen on.

Entertaining the idea wouldn’t do any harm she supposed. 

"As of now I believe you’re the typical, weaselly, annoying little human with nothing better to do other than pester me.”


"But do go on if you think you’re so much more, darling I employ you.” 

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  • "Are we really doing this?"
  • "Are you doing this to upset me?"
  • "Friends don't look at each other like that."
  • "Give me a chance."
  • "I am not doing that."
  • "I can prove you wrong."
  • "I can show you the world."
  • "I did a bad thing."
  • "I don't want to love you, but I do."
  • "I missed you."
  • "I regret last night."
  • "I think we can pull through."
  • "I think you need to get in my bed. Now."
  • "I thought you were gone forever."
  • "I want you naked. Now."
  • "I'm a bad person."
  • "I'm breaking up with you."
  • "I'm not who you think I am."
  • "I'm pregnant."
  • "If you and I were the only two people alive on the planet, I still wouldn't have sex you."
  • "Marry me?"
  • "Please, don't do this."
  • "Stop yelling at me."
  • "That outfit would look better on my bedroom floor."
  • "There is no one I hate more than you."
  • "This is not fair."
  • "This is not the time nor place."
  • "We are not getting a pet."
  • "We can't do this anymore."
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "Why are you doing this to me?"
  • "Why aren't you answering my calls?"
  • "You shouldn't have done that."
  • "You'll regret this."
  • "You're being inappropriate."
  • "You're the one person I actually trust."